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All CEOs crave a deep bench of future leaders

To accomplish this vision, high-potential talent must take personal ownership of their leadership development journeys.



Launched by former Harvard Business School case writers and executive educators - we help talent confront tough obstacles, discuss them in a safe space, receive expert coaching, and develop a plan for becoming an even better leader in their organization.


What prevents emerging leaders from reaching full potential in their organization? 

Our Process Holds Individuals Accountable for their Personal Development


Focused Case Studies

Our team of former Harvard Business School case writers - prepares original content - on the underlying leadership challenges facing participants - like the imposter syndrome, the fear of failure, and deep anxiety.


Safe Space Discussions

Every month we virtually host safe-space, case discussions - during which participants can discuss leadership development challenges - and receive honest, unfiltered advice from experts and a diverse group of peers.  


Personal Ownership

 Participants create a personal leadership development roadmap, under the supervision of our team of executive coaches. We then train mentors who can help a future generation of leaders in the company.

Recent Case Studies

Case Studies

Our Team

Our team is a collaborative group of former top tier case writers, executive educators, and leadership coaches.

Engineering Team Lead

Unicorn Technology Company

“This program gave me a chance to reflect, receive honest feedback from peers, and help me become a better mentor to future leaders in our organization."

Chief Marketing Officer

PE-Owned Portfolio Company

"Excellent case facilitators - they inspired us to talk about our fears and anxieties in a totally safe space."

Business Unit Head

Fortune 500 Company

“This team creates compelling content - even better than HBS case studies. It's heavy-hitting and real."


A Note From Our Founder

The Bench Strength Initiative was started to solve a costly problem facing CEOs who care deeply about developing the next generation of leaders.

Rising star leaders - as they take on more responsibility - face tough, unavoidable challenges - like the fear of failure and the imposter syndrome.  Often these challenges are swept under the rug - because they're perceived to be highly embarrassing and risky to share openly with others.

This avoidance ultimately stunts leadership growth and causes costly culture problems. But, dealing head-on with these challenges increases engagement, retention, intelligent risk-taking, and of course, leadership development.

To help solve this problem, our team of former Harvard Business School research fellows and executive educators interview your rising star leaders, prepare focused case studies on their specific challenges, facilitate interactive group discussions, and train internal mentors.

Our program is like Harvard Business School meets group therapy for future leaders - in a psychologically safe space - and for 1/10 of the cost.

If you're interested in learning more, tell us a little bit about your organization - and how many people you envision participating in this virtual program - and we will be in touch.

- Jeffrey Cohn, Founder

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Imperfect Leaders 

Let's face it.  There's no such thing as a perfect leader.  We invite you to listen to our podcast - Imperfect Leaders -  featuring lessons from top CEOs, thought leaders, sports icons, and executive educators from Harvard, Yale, Columbia, and INSEAD.


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